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These are the guidelines you agreed to when you joined our forums.

Anything you post becomes the property of The Peoria Journal Star, Inc. and GateHouse Media, Inc. By posting your message, you expressly grant us an irrevocable license to reprint, sell, or re-use your posting, in any form or format, on a royalty free irrevocable basis. You are solely responsible for the content of your postings and can be held responsible for violations of the law. Do not post content that violates copyright, trademark, patent or intellectual property rights of others. Use common sense and good judgment when posting messages. Avoid posting hurtful or derogatory comments about other posters.

While the administrators and moderators of this forum may attempt to remove any generally objectionable material, we do not moderate and cannot review every message posted. We are not responsible for the content of the message, but we do reserve the right to delete, move or edit messages that we deem (in our sole judgment) to be inappropriate or unacceptable for any reason. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster (except for posts by these people) and will not be held liable.

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, profane, threatening, sexually-orientated or any other material that may violate any applicable laws or our guidelines. Doing so may lead to you being immediately and permanently banned (and your service provider being informed). The IP address of all posts is recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions. You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit. As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

This forum system uses cookies to store information on your local computer. These cookies do not contain any of the information you have entered above, they serve only to improve your viewing pleasure. The email address is used only for confirming your registration details and password (and for sending new passwords should you forget your current one).

The message boards are designed to provide a forum for people from diverse backgrounds to express their views and engage in stimulating discussion and debate. It is our goal to make this service easily accessible and to allow our users to post their comments in real time. But the nature of this service also allows people using the World Wide Web to post their messages without prior screening.

Therefore, we have established the following rules for using our message boards. By posting a message, you agree to follow these rules. We, the staff of, reserve the right to delete any postings which we deem to violate this agreement.

We ask that our users observe the following guidelines:

Consideration and respect for other users. We encourage those posting comments to discuss the issues freely, and we welcome opposing viewpoints. However, we ask that you refrain from making insults and personal attacks on anyone, posters or otherwise. Abusive, obscene, defamatory or hateful language is not acceptable. Messages that are written only to upset someone or to cause turmoil in the forum are not allowed. Stay on the subject in the message board title.

Commercial advertising is not allowed. Our message boards are not a place to post advertisements for commercial enterprises, services or products. If you would like more information about advertising on, please send us e-mail.

Vulgar, obscene language is not permitted. Users should not post messages that are racist, homophobic, misogynistic or lewd. Refrain from posting messages containing material that is libelous or slanderous.

Any posts that include personal information or alleged improper or illegal activities about other posters or anybody else are not allowed. Posts that identify, or attempt to identify or ask the identity of another poster are not allowed.

Please do not post under another persons name or represent anyone other than yourself. Please do not post phone numbers on our message board.

Our guidelines apply to the entire post, including the screen name you use. It is our goal to create an online community where you can feel comfortable in expressing your views and engage in stimulating discussions with others online. Users are responsible for the messages that they post to the bulletin board system. If you notice content that you believe violates the rules we have established, please send e-mail to the new media director.