2019 PJStar Small School Pick 'Ems Week 2 Results

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2019 PJStar Small School Pick 'Ems Week 2 Results

Post by Bluejaygrad03 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:48 pm

Here are the standings after Week 2:

TrojanHorse4 38
Bluejaygrad03 35
Bresquire 35
Aeneas_88 34
dshenaut 33
PigskinPassion 33
Vinron 32
2HOT 31
MidstateFan 26

Not one of the better weeks for our posters with a few posters only having 15 or 16 correct picks. However, this week's winner had 18 correct picks. This week's winner with 18 correct picks is...TrojanHorse4. Congrats to TrojanHorse4 on winning this week's pick 'ems.

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