IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

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Re: IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

Post by wolverine55 »

I didn't really want to start a new thread, but I'll ask this: we're basically 10 days into January now; is there ANY talk of if/when seasons will start?
Not that I know of...
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Re: IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

Post by deejay »

I honestly believe that JB cares less about the IHSA and IESA. His reluctance to even talk tells me that he would like to have the state take control of all sports. From what I read from last weeks meeting that he didn’t attend, the moving target continues to move and the only dialogue is coming from IHSA and it’s one way.
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Re: IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

Post by MidstateFan »

Well, there was zero progress in last week's meeting with the IBPH, but if Pritzker lifts Tier 3 restrictions at the end of this week, (which going by the numbers, he should), that might start some movement on low-risk sports like swimming. Or it might not.
Basketball and football are still going to have to be reclassified from high-risk before anything can happen with them.
Worst case scenario, we don't have any school sports until the middle of April when track, baseball, and softball (all low-risk) start with the same restrictions that applied to cross country and golf in the fall.
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Re: IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

Post by nesland300 »

Administrators in my school are basically saying people should be looking towards spring sports at this point. The clock is running down, and we will soon be at a point where even if the high risk sports are miraculously allowed to happen, more than one will have to happen at once and most schools will have to pick and choose which sports to do because they don't have the numbers to run them at once.
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Re: IHSA moves Winter Sports Decision to October 28

Post by Bluejaygrad03 »

IHSA announces low risk sports can begin practice immediately and will be able to begin competition within their geographic region at a future date determined by the IHSA for those regions that have moved to Tier 2 mitigations starting today: https://www.sj-r.com/story/sports/2021/ ... 182878001/

This includes regions 1 and 2, which includes northern Illinois outside of the Chicago suburbs as well as north central Illinois areas such as Peoria and Bloomington, and region 5, which includes areas of southern Illinois outside of the Metro East. Low risk activities which may be held include boys swimming and diving, cheerleading, dance and bowling. Basketball and wrestling may train but without contact. Weight training can also take place so long as social distancing and masks are utilized.

It also sounds as if the competition start date for the low risk activities may be announced prior to the next IHSA board meeting on January 27.
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